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Town hall in Alsfeld, Germany (Incense house) R271 11cm

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 Ceramic miniature."Town hall in Alsfeld", Germany. Incense cone holder. House from historical miniatures collection.

 You can use this house as uniquely decorative incense burner - house has an opening at the bottom, which perfectly fits in standart incense cone with its special holder. Just please pay attention – we will add only incense holder, incense cone is not included into the purchase. Even the same model of the article is unique because of slight variations in size, color and pattern, which are caused by manual work.

  • Height: ~ 4.3" (~ 11cm)
  • Width: ~ 3.5" (~ 9cm)
  • Length: ~ 2.8" (~ 7cm)
  • Package weight:  ~ 1.8 lbs ( ~ 0.8 kg)



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