Incense burner House in Kaysersberg, France R266

Incense burner House in Kaysersberg, France R266

Incense Burner Dürer house in Nürnberg R250

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Height: ~4.1 (11 cm)

Width: ~2.8 (7 cm)

Length: ~3 (8 cm)

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     Completely handmade, from natural material clay, decorated with glazes. Every article is unique because of slight variations in size, color, and pattern, which are caused by manual work. These tiny houses are not just a lovely decoration – they can be used as an incense holder. Each house has an opening at the bottom, which perfectly fits the incense cones. Light up the incense and watch how the magic begins – smoke comes through the chimney. Just please pay attention – incense is not included into the purchase. This way the house works as a decorative incense burner to fill the space with a wonderful aroma. Still having any worries about quality and shipping? Take it easy: we guarantee that you will get original Midene articles with complete quality and full satisfaction. Also, we provide safe shipping, so the houses will be packed carefully with packing peanuts and sent as tracked and insured package.

    Midene is artistic ceramics company in Lithuania, producing high quality artistic ceramics since 1993. Our range of materials includes red and white clay, colors, glazes, and chamotte rock mass. Each of our designs is individual - from miniature houses and funny figures to artistic angels, including lots of other unique decorations for different tastes. Our products are handmade in a traditional way. With craftsmanship at the very heart of our company, we’ve developed a process which ensures quality at every stage of manufacturing.
   Midene exports to USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and most European countries. We also take part in most international artfairs: Frankfurt "Ambiente", Paris "Maison Objet", Birmingham "Spring", Tokyo "Interior Lifestyle" and "Gift Show", New York "NY NOW" and many more others. 

  Enjoy exploring the colourful world of “Midene" !