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Ceramic garden decoration - Red Scarecrow GKW22R Set

Ceramic garden decoration - Red Scarecrow GKW22R Set

Ceramic garden decoration - Green Scarecrow GKW22G Set


Handcrafted from high-quality clay, finished with glazes, frost resistant, will last for years. Fine craft and a lovely design.

Height: ~18.1" (46 cm)

Width: ~11" (28 cm)

Length: ~5.1" (13 cm)

Package weight: ~ 9 lbs ( ~ 4.5 kg)

Easy to assemble: 47" / 120 cm mounting stake is included for easy setup.

Because each item is handmade and unique, slight variations in colour, shape and size or slight imperfections resulting from craftsmanship may occur with the finished product.

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GKW22G Set

* Product Usage:

This is the 3D ceramic decoration for your garden, alpinarium or any other cozy outdoor space. Pick a stainless steel pole into the ground in your selected spot, and cap it with the “Midene” garden figure. Do not forget to say hello to your new ceramic garden figurine.


* Product Quality:

Hand-crafted and Hand-painted Ceramic garden decoration is made from natural clay. Because of our Nordic climate, we especially appreciate things that don’t lose their beauty in harsh weather (-30 C / -22 F). All our garden ceramic is frost-resistant because of good quality clay.


* Attention to the Product Details:

Every article is unique because of slight variations in size, color and pattern, which are caused by manual work. Our skillful ceramics often put their gentle sense of humor into practice! They shape these garden figurines by hand with a bit of vivid imagination.


* Great gift idea for..

It can be an Original Gift Idea for the variety of the life events: Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc. This uniquely fascinating and vivid exterior accent also can be a perfect gift for your friend without any doubts about quality – we guarantee what you'll get original Midene article.


* Do not worry about shipping

Your order will be packed carefully with packing peanuts and sent as tracked and insured package. We use recyclable packing materials.


>> If you have any other bothers related to this article - please contact us without hesitation.


Enjoy exploring the colourful world of “Midene" !♥