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Candle Houses

Elaborate Piece of Handwork

   The candle houses are handmade of red clay by experienced master craftspeople. Each of (aroma) candle house is unique in itself of particular value. Formed are replicas of historic buildings and fantasy houses too.

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  1. D 371 AR House of Pottery in France (Candle house)
  2. D 329 AR W. Shakespeare's birth house in Stratford, UK (Candle house)
  3. R501-504 set of the houses from Fantasy collection (Incense burners)
  4. D 293 N Town hall in Tübingen, Germany (Candle House)
  5. D 339 AR A.Schweitzer house, France (Candle House)
  6. A.Dürer's house, Germany (Candle House) D240AR 23cm
  7. D 224 AR Old Smithery in Rothenburg, Germany (Candle House)
  8. E 210 N Castle in Lichtenstein, Germany (Candle House)
  9. Collectible Historical miniature."Casa Batllo in Barcelona", Spain (Candle holder) 27cm E250N
  10. Tower in Freiburg, Germany (Candle House) E242N 31cm
  11. B 265 AR Candle House
  12. F 202 N Sleepy Beauty tower Candle House
  13. Clock Tower, Praha F244N 45cm
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  14. Old Smithery in Rothenburg (Candle holder) A232SN-Ex 11cm
  15. F 234 AR Pfister house in Colmar, France (Candle House)
  16. A255AR House in Lübeck, Germany (Candle holder)
  17. A278AR House in Kaysersberg, France (Candle holder)
  18. A217AR House from fantasy collection (Candle Holder)
  19. B 255AR Winstub in France (Candle House)
  20. B 252AR  Maison des Tanneurs (Tanners house) in Strasbourg, France(Candle House)
  21. B 251AR Christmas Candle House
  22. B 236AR Candle House
  23. B 232AR Fantasy (Candle house)
  24. B 211AR Fantasy (Candle House)
  25. Ceramic incense burner "Town hall in Alsfeld, Germany". Handmade by Midene B 210N
  26. A270AR Hotel "Goldene Rose" in Dinkelsbühl, Germany (Candle holder)
  27. A262N Church in Taize, France (Candle Holder)
  28. A258N "Creperie" in Mont St. Michel, France (Candle holder)
  29. A 238AR Candle House
  30. A236AR House in Kaysersberg, France (Candle holder)
Grid List

Items 121-150 of 170

Set Descending Direction