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  1. E 246 N Clock - Tower, Bern, Germany (H:41cm.)
  2. D 224SN Eschersheimer Tower in Frankfurt, Germany (Candle house)
  3. E 244 N Brückentor in Regensburg, Germany (Candle House)
  4. E 237 AR Beuvron-en-Auge in Normandy, France (Candle House)
  5. E 233 N Tower in Biberach, Germany (Candle House)
  6. E 235 N Town hall in Rosenheim, Germany (Candle House)
  7. E 234 AR Castle in Schlitz, Germany (Candle House)
  8. F 233AR "Town hall in Bamberger, Germany" (Candle House)
  9. F 230 N "Town hall in Esslingen, Germany" (Candle House)
  10. F 241 N Town hall in Hamburg, Germany (Candle House)
  11. E 225 N Hauptwache in Frankfurt, Germany (Candle House)
  12. E 217 N set The Römer in Frankfurt, Germany (Candle House)
  13. E 223 AR Spitzhaus in Bernkastel-Kues, Germany (Candle House)
  14. E 207 N Town hall in Schweinfurt, Germany (Candle House)
  15. E 22 AR Town hall in Michelstadt (Candle House)
  16. F 243 N Town hall in Basel, Switzerland set (Candle House)
  17. F 242 N Church in Dresden, Germany (Candle House)
  18. F 13 N Fantasy (Candle House)
  19. F 210 N Town hall in Melsungen, Germany (Candle House)
  20. D 245 N Eschersheimer Tower in Frankfurt, Germany (Candle house)
  21. D 316 N Martin's Gate in Freiburg, Germany (Candle House)
  22. D 222 AR Fantasy Castle (Candle House)
  23. D 371 AR House of Pottery in France (Candle house)
  24. D 329 AR W. Shakespeare's birth house in Stratford, UK (Candle house)
  25. D 293 N Town hall in Tübingen, Germany (Candle House)
  26. D 339 AR A.Schweitzer house, France (Candle House)
  27. A.Dürer's house, Germany (Candle House) D240AR 23cm
  28. D 224 AR Old Smithery in Rothenburg, Germany (Candle House)
  29. E 210 N Castle in Lichtenstein, Germany (Candle House)
  30. Collectible Historical miniature."Casa Batllo in Barcelona", Spain (Candle holder) 27cm E250N
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 40

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